If you follow celebrity fashion, you may have noticed a recent trend of influencers wearing jewelry featuring an “eye” at the center of a decorated pendant. These exciting pieces lend a mysterious and exotic look to any ensemble, but their meaning and symbolism go beyond a visually interesting trend.

Discover more behind “The Evil Eye,” including its meaning, its current place in the fashion world, and why you might want to include an evil eye pendant in your own jewelry collection.

What Is the Evil Eye?

For thousands of years, cultures across the world have sought protection from the curse of the “Evil Eye,” an envious glare that is typically given to a person who is unaware. Some of the oldest eye-shaped idols date back to around 3,500 BCE, in Syria, hinting at the idea that eyes possess supernatural power.

Almost since the beginning of time, people have believed curses can emanate from human eyes. On a broad level, the evil eye refers to a curse or misfortune brought on by a malevolent stare or gaze. The victim is believed to suffer illness, bad luck, or even death when afflicted. The evil eye has many names, depending on the culture. In Mexico, the curse is called “Mal de Ojo,” and in Greece, it is known as matiasma.

There are countless myths and fairytales which recount the story of harm befalling a person after coming under the stare of an evil force. There’s Medusa from Greek mythology, a creature that could turn a person to stone just by making eye contact.

A popular modern interpretation of an evil eye is found in The Lord of the Rings, in which the malevolent wizard Sauron’s evil eye keeps watch over his kingdom.

Evil Eye vs. AmuleT

To ward off the curse of the evil eye, people took to wearing special amulets that reflect the curse back to its giver. These protective amulets are referred to as “evil eyes.” The evil eye symbol changes based on the culture, but typically features a human eye pendant attached to a necklace or bracelet.

The idea behind evil eye amulets is that you can prevent an unintended curse from harming you by wearing one. Evil eyes are a type of amulet that keeps you from experiencing the effects of the curse, and possibly even cause the perpetrator to suffer from their own evil eye curse.

One common design for an evil eye amulet is the Hamsa, which features an eye in the middle of a palm. This amulet originated in the Middle East and North Africa, and is popular in Jewish culture. The Turkish Blue Eye, or Nazar Boncugu, features a wide-open eye in the middle of a bright blue stone or glass. This version of the evil eye amulet originated in the Mediterranean, where people view it as a talisman against bad luck from the evil eye curse.

The Evil Eye in Popular Fashion

Although the evil eye symbol has never fallen out of style, it has seen a resurgence of extreme popularity in recent years. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian are sporting evil eye jewelry to ward off negative energy. Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a trio of bracelets that resembled the Nazar boncugu design.

Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik were also seen wearing matching evil eye bracelets to protect themselves from public scrutiny. Gigi Hadid also collaborated on her own shoe line, Eyelove, designing pointed-toe mules featuring varied evil-eye designs.

Evil eye trends go beyond jewelry and shoes. The symbol of protection is also a popular tattoo choice. An evil eye tattoo protects a person from negative influences. Some are getting this amulet tattooed as a symbol of their beliefs, much as a Christian might consider getting a cross tattoo. Others enjoy the symbol only as a fashion statement.

Many believe their tattoos attract help from higher powers and/or offers protection. Some choose to have their evil eye tattoo in a visible location, like an ankle, wrist, or arm, while others prefer a more secluded location easily covered by clothing.

Where To Find Your Own Evil Eye Jewelry

Due to its growing popularity, evil eye jewelry is widely available. You can find local businesses and online retailers that sell evil eye necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Evil eye jewelry comes in different colors, each hue symbolizing a separate power or protection. Select your jewelry based on what you want to receive protection from, or what you desire to bring into your life.

Meanings of each evil eye color:

  • Cobalt blue is considered the original and authentic color of the evil eye amulet and represents good luck
  • White symbolizes wealthBlack represents power
  • Red symbolizes courage
  • Dark Green represents prosperity and happinessYellow symbolizes optimism and joy
  • White represents wealth
  • Coral symbolizes protection and safety
  • Turquoise symbolizes good health
  • Purple represents intelligence

What to Look For

Manufacturers are taking advantage of the evil eye trend, but that doesn’t mean they’re all producing quality jewelry. To ensure your purchase offers you long-term protection from the evil eye curse, look for pieces made from fine metals and quality gemstones. Pure metals, like solid gold, offer the highest quality and durability.

If you’re inspecting the piece by hand, make sure there are no cracks, flaws, or sharp edges. For buyers making online purchases, ensure the seller offers a fair return policy. A reputable seller will want you to be happy with your jewelry.

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