How to Clean & Care for Real Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a timeless accessory that can elevate any ensemble, from jeans and a t-shirt to a cocktail dress. But wearing your gold jewelry daily can cause it to show signs of wear, with tarnish and small scratches slowly building up over time. While some people may like this patina, keeping your gold pieces clean and looking their best can help them last longer and retain their value.

Maintaining gold jewelry doesn’t require monthly trips to a professional jeweler for a cleaning and isn’t difficult to do at home. Learn the best way to clean gold jewelry at home using household items to ensure your pieces don’t lose their sparkle. 

How to Clean Gold Jewelry at Home

If you are curious about how to clean gold jewelry or how to clean gold-plated jewelry, there are several effective methods depending on how much grime or tarnish has built up. If your jewelry is new, wiping each piece carefully with a polishing cloth after each wear can help maintain its shine. The polishing cloth is infused with tarnish inhibitors that can remove skin oils and scratches that dull the shine and prevent dirt or grime buildup.

If your pieces have significant grime build-up and need deeper cleaning, you can clean them at home using the following four steps. 

Step One

Fill a large clean bowl with lukewarm water. The water should be between 98-100℉, or roughly the same temperature as your body. Add a few drops of mild dish soap, then soak your gold jewelry pieces for 20 minutes.

Step Two

Remove your pieces from the soap and water solution and brush them lightly with a soft-bristled or baby toothbrush. Be gentle to ensure you don’t scratch the gold with the bristles, dislodge any gemstones, or bend clasps, prongs, or settings. 

Step Three

After removing the dirt or grime, rinse your pieces using lukewarm tap water. Ensure you plug your sink before rinsing in case you drop the piece or a gemstone falls out. Repeat the soaking and brushing if your pieces still have built-up grime after the rinse.

Step Four

Once your pieces are clean, carefully dry them with a soft polishing cloth or a lint-free cloth. You can also let your pieces air dry. However, if you have hard or mineral-rich water in your home, wiping them down is a good idea to prevent any mineral deposits from forming while the pieces dry. 

Gold Jewelry from Modaya

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Storing Gold Jewelry at Home 

Whenever you aren’t wearing your gold jewelry, it is essential to store it properly. You should keep your pieces in a cool, dry, safe place, such as a jewelry box or travel roll. These storage solutions often feature compartments lined in cotton, felt, or velvet to protect your pieces against scratches and impact damage.

Avoid leaving gold jewelry in a humid room like a bathroom. Elevated humidity can cause the gold to tarnish faster and damage the material holding gems in their settings.

If you are storing chains or trinity rings, untangle them and store them with the clasps fastened. This prevents damage from tangles and keeps the clasps from seizing. The pieces will also be easier to access and put on without having to undo any knots first. If any of your gold jewelry pieces have a gemstone, keep them separated from your other pieces. Gemstones such as diamonds are harder than precious metals and can easily scratch softer metals and gems if stored together.

Either designate a special place in your jewelry box for your gem-encrusted pieces or buy small pieces of lint-free or polishing cloth to use as separators between the pieces. Placing each item in a lint-free bag or the original jewelry box can also help prevent accidental scratching.

Gold Jewelry Care Tips

The best way to keep your gold looking its best is to take preventative measures to keep your gold jewelry safe. Some ways you can help your jewelry avoid damage and tarnish include:

  • Avoid contact with chlorinated or salt water. The chemicals degrade the finish and materials of your gold jewelry, leading to tarnish. Remove any pieces before swimming.
  • Take off your jewelry before exercising. Your sweat contains urea which can be corrosive to gold and result in tarnish and grime building up on the surface of the pieces. Wearing your pieces while exercising can also lead to scratches or damage from contact with other objects or the ground.
  • Avoid contact with lotions or perfumes. Many of the ingredients can harm gold or cause tarnish to build up faster. Put on your gold jewelry last when dressing to minimize contact.
  • It may also be a good idea to purchase gold jewelry insurance. These policies will cover the cost of repair or replacement if your piece is damaged or lost, giving you peace of mind when wearing your more expensive pieces. Some policies also include free concierge services, including routine professional cleaning. 

Should You Remove Your Jewelry Before Bed?

Many people wonder if you can sleep with gold jewelry. While there is no specific risk from sleeping with your jewelry on, it is not recommended. Many people toss and turn while they sleep, so you risk hitting your jewelry on the bed head or side table. Your jewelry could also become tangled in your hair or bedding, damaging links, settings, and clasps. Smaller pieces like earrings could also get lost if you are a restless sleeper.

Keep Your Modaya Gold Jewelry Clean

Clean your gold jewelry from Modaya regularly to keep our quality pieces shining and ready to wear. Routine maintenance and careful storage protect the delicate diamond settings and gorgeous yellow, white, and rose gold finishes from tarnishing. If you want timeless jewelry pieces to add to your collection, explore the complete collection of gold jewelry available at Modaya.